The DIY digital publishing package.

  • No technical ability necessary

  • From authoring to publication, the only tool you need

  • Easy to use editing and publishing

  • Your pages are online immediately

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What is

A lightweight web publishing platform with easy to use content editor, powerful indexing and tagging and custom content groups. Your pages are instantly online through QR codes and short URLs.

Simple, rich content editing

An easy to use online editor is available for your pages. Use images, embed videos and audio files or even redirect to an existing URL somewhere else. We save and deliver your pages. No need for any other tool or service provider.

Immediately online

Online edits of your pages are immediately available online. No copying of files or updating web sites. Each page has a unique QR code and short URL that does not change. The URL and QR remain valid and will show your latest updates.

Indexing and tagging with libraries

Pages are organised into libraries. A library has a hierarchical index that pages are assigned to. When viewing the library, the index provides rich search and navigation functions. Your account can have several libraries.

Create andvanced publications

In addition to QR codes and short URLs for single pages, a publication can be created with whatever pages you like, even across different libraries. A custom navigation hierarchy can be specified for your publication, and each publication receives its own QR code and short URL.

Administrative tools

View live page statistics, create new libraries and manage users and system permissions from our simple to use administration console.

Rich API for custom apps

If so desired, library indexes, search functions and content retrieval can also be implemented in your 3rd party application through our JSON API.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions we are often asked by our users.

  • No. will save your authored pages on our servers, generate a QR and short URL for them and deliver them online in a mobile-friendly format. No other web hosting or delivery service is necessary.

  • Absolutely. We provide a simple but feature-rich online editor right in your web browser. It works a bit like a normal word processor (MS-Word or Google Docs). As soon as you click save your page is online and available.

  • No. The QR code and URL for that page remain unchanged even when you update your content.

  • You can add any prefix you wish, e.g. however the domain name must remain

  • Yes. A page can be flagged as offline. Following the URL or QR code will return a not found message for offline pages.